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An Android app to listen to a webradio. You can fork it, customize the links through the app and the images, and you should be good to go!


  • Listen to the webradio!
  • Fine-tune the volume in the app to go lower than the lowest volume of Android!
  • Should adapt to all screen ratios (horizontal / squareish / vertical)!
  • Start and stop the stream by headphones plugging/unplugging, or with a bluetooth headset!
  • Check last played tracks!
  • Check the latest news:
    • for Android 5+, a very simple view of last articles is implemented using RSS Feed
    • for Android 4.4 and lower, it displays the website directly (the RSS reader can't fetch the feed because no TLSv1.2 support)
  • Wake up with the sound of your radio with the built-in Alarm Clock feature! Don't worry: if there is no network, it will play a default sound instead.
  • Snooze the alarm! You can set up the snooze duration you want, or avoid being tempted and disable snooze altogether. When ringing, a special notification design will display bigger buttons with text instead of icons.
  • Sleep with the sound of your radio! You can set up a timer to stop the app after any amount of minutes. When the timer approaches, the sound will gradually fade out.
  • Supports lastFM, LibreFM and Listenbrainz scrobblers with Pano Scrobbler or Simple Scrobbler.