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  nicolas-zimmermann 1f2f9fcfef added Conformations.small_kmedoids method to compute kmedoids 3 years ago
  nicolas-zimmermann dfe4789af2 modified code (__init__) to save distance matrixes in Conformations instances 3 years ago
  nicolas-zimmermann d77136b7f4 added Conformations.dist_from_dissimilarity function 3 years ago
  nicolas-zimmermann 0017ab32fd added diss_mat.dat, obtained from Conformations.dissimilarity, long to compute 3 years ago
  Nicolas Zimmermann 6188386979 documentation for the kmedoid function from pyclustering 3 years ago
  nicolas-zimmermann 6f5fa0f130 changed yml file to generate env, added kmedoids lib, added citations file 3 years ago
  nicolas-zimmermann eeb558960e working version of Conformations.dissimilarity method, SLOW 3 years ago
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  Nicolas Zimmermann 26eed4d9f2 added Z row and col to data/PBs_substitution_matrix.dat with weights 0 3 years ago
  Nicolas Zimmermann 4144a2a093 changed 'Conformation.dissimilarity' method to 'Conformation.identity' method 3 years ago
  Nicolas Zimmermann 3662e3a099 changed projet8.py to a more OOP fashion, modified README 3 years ago
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